Animal Care Services Update

The implementation of the comprehensive rescue strategy by Animal Care Services Department is underway. The live release rate (Which includes adoptions, rescue, and return to owners) was at a record high of 44% in October 2011 compared to 28% in October 2010. This increase from last year to this year is primarily due to the following increases:

    • A 14% increase in Adoptions (326 adoptions to 373 adoptions),


  • A 166% increase in rescues (181 rescues to 482 rescues)



  • And a 35% increase in Return to Owners (100 returns to 135 returns).



  • The number of animals Impounded was also up by 5%


The increased rescue rate is enhanced by a pilot program with San Antonio Humane Society and additional rescues from Austin Pets Alive.

In an effort to continue our comprehensive rescue strategy, ACS conducted sweeps of Area 1 (District 5, 6, and 7) in October resulting in the following:

    • 225 hours of volunteers knocking on over 2,000 homes in the area


  • ACS impounded 127 animals



  • 354 spay/neuter surgeries were performed in Area 1



  • Area 1 sweeps is still ongoing and the Department will continue to impound additional animals


The next comprehensive sweep will take place in Area 2. This area consists of District 4 & 5. The sweeps will begin this weekend (November 18th-20th) with comprehensive activities in November and December. Outreach to Area 3, which is District 2 & 3, will begin In December 2011 with comprehensive activities in January 2012.


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