Communities Putting Prevention to Work Program

The Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) program was funded in March of 2010 through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

This two year initiative provided funding to 50 communities nationwide in obesity prevention or tobacco prevention programs. San Antonio received the third largest award among the 50 grantees with $15.6 Million to address obesity.

CPPW funding has implemented 30 local obesity prevention initiatives and has been recognized by CDC as one of the leading program sites in the country.

Some significant program accomplishments include:

· increasing safe accessible roads and intersections through more than 80 public works projects
· provided physical activity equipment and training to 363 schools reaching over 365,000 students provided salad bars and nutrition staff training to 108 schools reaching approximately 100,000 students
· Placed outdoor fitness stations in 25 parks and 5 libraries built walking trails at 2 libraries, 4 SAHA communities and 5 school sites that are open for public use
· provided over 1300 bicycles to SAHA, parks, and the YMCA for ride to own programs
· Established “Fitness in the parks” program to provide free physical activity classes to residents in city parks which reached over 4000 participants in its first series
· developed safe routes to schools plans with 7 middle schools
· expanded participation in the Por Vida healthy menu program to offer healthy foods away from home at over 100 locations among 17 restaurant, hospital, university and worksite partners
· Provided support to the City’s complete streets program, the Metropolitan planning organization’s pedestrian safety action plan, and Environmental policy’s bike share program
· Hosted the first two Síclovías in San Antonio with 15,000 participants in october 2011 and Just this past weekend an estimated 40,00 attended Siclovia.

Metro health, in partnership with city departments and local agencies will contine to work to improve health and wellness in San Antonio.


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