2012 – 2017 General Obligation Bond Program Election

On February 16, the City Council called for the 2012 – 2017 General Obligation Bond Program election to be held on May 12, 2012. Residents will vote on five individual propositions including: (1) Streets, Bridges, & Sidewalks Improvements, (2) Drainage & Flood Control Improvements, (3) Parks, Recreation, & Open Space Improvements, (4) Library, Museum, & Cultural Arts Facilities Improvements, and (5) Public Safety Facilities Improvements. Collectively, these propositions contain 140 projects totaling $596 million.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the 2012 – 2017 General Obligation Bond Program.

What is the total amount of the proposed 2012-2017 Bond Program?
The amount is $596 million.

Does the proposed program include a City property tax rate increase?
No. The proposed program does not include a planned increase in the City’s property tax rate.

What are the infrastructure categories and how would the funds be allocated?
The $596 million program will be divided into five propositions:
Streets, Bridges & Sidewalks Improvements – 41 projects – $337.44 million
Drainage & Flood Control Improvements – 17 projects – $128.03 million
Parks, Recreation, & Open Space Improvements –68 projects – $87.15 million
Library, Museum, & Cultural Arts Facilities Improvements – 11 projects – $29.03 million
Public Safety Facilities Improvements – 3 Projects – $14.35 million

Does the proposed program include funding or projects for the VIA streetcar project?
No. The proposed 2012-2017 Bond Program does not include funding or projects for VIA’s streetcar project.

How were projects selected for recommendation to City Council for consideration?
San Antonio residents recommended their priority list of projects for the Bond Program. The four Community Bond Committees for the proposed 2012-2017 Bond Program each held five public meetings, including a bus tour for each Committee, culminating with the community groups approving project recommendations for City Council’s consideration.  The Bond Committees approved 135 projects.  Mayor Julián Castro and City Council appointed 128 community members to serve on four Bond Committees based on four original infrastructure categories – Streets/ Bridges / Sidewalks, Drainage, Parks, and Facilities /Community Initiatives. The Mayor appointed Lila Cockrell, Tessa Martinez Pollack and Carri Baker Wells as tri-chairs. The committee format consisted of 2 co-chairs for each committee appointed by the Mayor and 30 members per committee with each City Council member appointing three of the members for each committee.  The committees finalized their list of recommended projects for City Council consideration. The process started with 131 staff recommendations and ended with 135 committee-recommended projects.

Will there be citizen oversight of the bond program if and when it is approved?
Yes. A Citizens Bond Oversight Commission, which was established in 2003, will continue to monitor the progress of the proposed bond program.

When is election day?
The election will be held on Saturday, May 12, 2012.  Early voting will be from Monday, April 30, to Tuesday, May 8, 2012.

What if I have other questions?
You may visit this web site – www.sanantonio.gov/2012Bond for more details or call Roland Martinez at (210) 207-1011.


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