B-Cycle San Antonio Update

San Antonio B-Cycle, the City’s municipal bike share program celebrated its first anniversary in March.  B-Cycle was the first bike share program in the state of Texas.  Among communities with B-Cycle Bike Share Programs, San Antonio ranks second in the nation behind Denver with these impressive statistics:

  • Total trips: 32,154
  • Total bike miles: 123,674
  • over 7,000 bike passes purchased (annual and day)
  • Total calories burned: over 5 million
  • Total gallons of gas saved: 6,085

Currently, there are 20 locations at and around popular destinations downtown and three more will launch in the next few months including 1221 Broadway, Hemisview, and the San Antonio Housing Authority.  Users can download a smart phone app or go online and track miles ridden, calories burned, money saved, and the carbon offset of their trips.  Annual, week, and day passes are available and the annual membership fee is $60.

The system is maintained and operated by the 501(c)3 corporation San Antonio Bike Share, headquartered in a historic building in Hemisfair Park on the corner of Cesar Chavez and S. Alamo.  Bikes are available for check-out from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.  They are redistributed among the stations throughout the day and are continually monitored by specially-trained mechanics.  Helmets can also be borrowed from San Antonio Bike Share’s “Central Hub” in Hemisfair Park.

San Antonio B-Cycle has won the International Downtown Alliance Merit Award in Transportation, the San Antonio Business Journals’ “Going Green Award”, and the Women in Transportation Seminar “Innovative Transportation Solutions Award”.  In one year the B-cycle program has enhanced the bike community for San Antonio residents and future expansion will solidify the B-Cycle Program.  Thanks to The Office of Environmental Policy and our partners for the hard work it took to make B-Cycle a success.

Here is a short PSA promoting B-Cycle San Antonio.


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