2012 Community Survey

On Monday May 14th the City began conducting the Community Attitude Survey of City services.  This is the third city-wide Community Attitude Survey in the past six years. The first-ever city-wide Community Attitude Survey was conducted in 2008. The overall purpose of the survey is to benchmark feedback from our citizens regarding City services and identify areas in which we can improve.

The 2012 survey will be offered to a random, stratified sampling of residents within each of the City’s ten City Council Districts by telephone (landline/mobile).  The survey consultant will perform a detailed demographic and geographic analysis of the collected data. Using information on services currently provided by the City, the consultant will design and conduct a survey in both English and in Spanish so that residents can indicate their level of satisfaction with City Services.

The overall Community Attitude Survey results are expected to be finalized in the summer of 2012.   In addition to the 2012 survey results, the consultant will also conduct a 2008-2010-2012 Benchmarking Analysis, providing comparisons to cities of similar size (Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma City, Indianapolis and Kansas City, Missouri).

The survey results will be available in both English and Spanish to the community by means of the City’s website and a complete set of results will be provided to each City library. A summary of the results will also be disseminated through the City’s community newsletter, Dotgov, and available to residents by calling the department of Communications and Public Affairs.


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