Aviation Update

We have new non-stop service coming to San Antonio International Airport in September 2012 and some very positive numbers coming from our increase in international travel.

Alaska Airlines, a new airline to San Antonio, will begin direct service to Seattle beginning on September 17.  The new service marks the first time Alaska Airlines has served San Antonio, and the first time there has been non-stop service linking the two cities.  Seattle has long been on our wishlist for direct service and having a new airline, Alaska Airlines, provide that service is an exciting milestone for our airport.

We also have new service from  U.S. Airways a new non-stop service to Philadelphia.  U.S. Airways has a large East Coast presence, with Philadelphia serving as the airline’s international gateway.  The new service will begin on September 5.  Philadelphia is the third destination U.S. Airways flights to from San Antonio.  The airline also provides non-stop service to two of their major hubs:  Phoenix and Charlotte.  Philadelphia, like Seattle, has been a desired location for non-stop service from San Antonio and it is an exciting achievement to add these new destinations for our citizens.  Southwest will also begin new direct service to St. Louis in August.

San Antonio has not only been a hotspot for new domestic destinations, but also for international service, which has grown our international travel numbers tremendously.  Just this past May, San Antonio hosted the first international flight for Southwest Airlines through its AirTran subsidiary.  On May 24, flights for Cancun and Mexico City took off with much fanfare.

These flights join vivaAerobus and Interjet, who began service from San Antonio in November and December, respectively in 2011.  Interjet serves Toluca and Mexico City, while vivaAerobus flies to Mexico City and Monterrey.  All of these new flights have served to raise our international passenger numbers.  From October 1, 2011 through April 30, 2012, there have been 171,168 passengers compared to 69,716 over the same period in 2011 an increase of over 145%.  Remarkably, the first seven months of Fiscal Year 2012 has already exceeded 156,954, the total international passenger count for all of Fiscal Year 2010.

Our thanks to these airlines for investing in San Antonio and thanks to our residents and business community for accessing the service.


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