FY 2013 Proposed Budget Highlights

The FY 2013 Budget is balanced and focuses on the City Council and Community priorities of Police, Fire, Streets and Sidewalks, Animal Care Services, Code Enforcement, Neighborhood Revitalization and Economic Development. The proposed budget aligns the City’s spending plan with SA2020 Goals. There is no City Property Tax rate increase or Solid Waste Fee increase included in the budget. There is a proposed increase of 50 cents per month to the Storm Water residential fee that will allow for more mowing of drainage channels and medians, more street cleaning and provide funds for improvements to heavy equipment service facilities.

The Proposed Consolidated Annual Budget for FY 2013, comprised of all funds, totals $2.3 billion, an increase of 3% from FY 2012, with operating expenditures totaling $1.6 billion and the FY 2013 Capital program totaling $647 million. Within the proposed operating expenditures for FY 2013, General Fund Expenditures total $977 million.

The General Fund Proposed Budget is $977 million and reflects a 3% increase over the FY 2012 Adopted Budget of $948 million. The Proposed Budget maintains Budgeted Financial Reserves at 9% ($88 million in 2013) of General Fund Appropriations.
The Proposed FY 2013 Budget includes $8 million in reductions resulting from improvements to service delivery models, better utilization of city facilities, operational efficiencies and reduction of administrative overhead. Collectively, the proposed changes included within the FY 2013 Proposed Budget allow us to more efficiently serve the residents of San Antonio.

Streets and Sidewalks
In FY 2013, the Public Works budget of $63 million is augmented by an additional $12.5 million for street maintenance and infrastructure improvements. The Proposed budget allocates $4.5 million from Advanced Transportation District Funds (ATD) to street maintenance projects. Included in the Capital Budget is $8 million for infrastructure projects in City Council Districts ($800,000 per Council District) funded with Pre-2007 Bond Fund Balances

Public Safety
The FY 2013 Proposed Budget enhances the Police Gang Unit by civilianizing five officer positions. Five civilian dispatchers will be added to backfill the responsibilities of the five police officers. Additionally, the Budget includes resources to promote 5 police officers to Detectives to augment the Narcotics Unit. In FY 2013, the City will fully fund 50 Police Officers added in FY 2009 with Federal Stimulus grants.

Funding is included in the Proposed Budget to create a Fire Technical Services Division to expedite emergency response of specialized vehicles. 1 uniform and 1 civilian positions are added.

Included in the Proposed Budget is $250,000 in additional funding for new books and library materials, this improvement will increase the annual book budget to $4.1 million. The budget also includes $1.7 million for library maintenance, security cameras and furniture replacement funded with Capital and operating funds.

Neighborhood Revitalization
Budget focuses on proactive code enforcement by allocating $500,000 in additional resources. Seven positions are added; five Code Compliance Officers and two Code Supervisors increasing focus on Code Enforcement and reducing span of control from 10 to 8.

Animal Care Services continues to be a priority for the Community. The Budget adds $1.1 million to control the stray pet population and increase spay and neuter surgeries to achieve a 70% Live Release Rate. The Proposed Budget includes additional $1.5 million to complete the Brackenridge Adoption and Education Center and Clinic.

The Proposed FY 2013 Budget also adds $1.26 million in funding for several neighborhood revitalization efforts. These efforts include Expansion of Fitness in the Parks Program ($150,000), reserve for Fitness Initiatives ($250,000) and revitalization initiatives to include Brownfield Environmental Assessments ($200,000), Platting and Development for Mission Drive-In ($160,000), development of a strategy to address economically challenged corridors ($250,000), and a City-wide Comprehensive Plan ($250,000) that will serve as a strategic guide to accommodate, distribute and direct future growth.

Economic Development
The Proposed Budget maintains $4.0 million to retain, expand, and attract businesses to create and retain jobs; and $3.0 million to stimulate downtown commercial, retail and housing development.

Delegate Agencies
The Proposed Budget maintains funding for Delegate Agencies at today’s level. Funding recommendations in the proposed budget reflect City Council Consolidated Funding Ballot Priorities. Some agencies funded today will not see the same level of funding in FY 2013.

Transition Community Link Center Model to a more flexible, On-Demand Model using City Libraries – $800,000 in Savings. The Proposed Budget transitions community link service center model to a more flexible on-demand model based on utilization. Services would transition Libraries, Valley View and Las Palmas Link Centers, and other community facilities

Additional programs are included in the Budget to increase recycling opportunities with the implementation of the organics recycling program.

A 50 cent monthly increase to the residential fee is proposed in the Budget. This increase will allow for additional moving, street cleaning and for better heavy equipment facilities.

Here is a link to the complete FY 2013 Budget and the Budget Input Hearing Calendar.


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