Hurricane Sandy Response

In response to Hurricane Sandy, the State of New York sent out a request to the State of Texas seeking expertise from trained Incident Management Team members.

This request was channeled through the Emergency Management Assistant Compact (EMAC) which allows states to send personnel, equipment and commodities to help with disaster relief efforts in other states.

The San Antonio Fire Department deployed two experienced firefighters, District Chief Neal Ague and Captain Jesse Renteria to assist the City of New York with logistical support.

During their deployment, from November 16th to December 1st, they worked closely with the New York Office of Emergency Management to approve, assign and track critical assets such as generators, light towers, and water pumps.  Chief Ague and Captain Renteria used this deployment as a training opportunity on large scale disaster management. They were able to witness best practices and lessons learned from missteps. They are eager to share their experiences with the Alamo Area Incident Management Team and are currently planning an After Action Review of their deployment with the team.

San Antonio will send an additional deployment team of 9 SAFD (8 firefighters & 1 civilian- office of emergency management) and 2 SAPD officers for a total of 11 people from December 27th to January 17th. This team will manage wellness checks throughout affected communities and will directly supervise divisions of national guardsmen and volunteers who will be going door to door. The team will work closely with the New York State Operations Center to report conditions once information is complied.


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