Library Update

I would like to provide you with an update on the City’s efforts to improve our library Facilities.  The FY 2013 COSA Operating and Capital Budget includes $3.5 million for repair and renovation at libraries.

The Extreme Makeover concept resulted from the collaborative work of the Library and Building Equipment Services departments. The goal of this initiative was to promote community pride by offering public spaces that were attractive, user friendly and conducive to library services at the same time address needed maintenance needs.

As a result, Comprehensive teams were created. These teams consist of plumbers, painters, carpenters and other craftsmen.  These Teams will target four branch libraries for extreme makeovers in 2013.  In 2009, an inventory of need of $17 million was identified for existing library buildings.  Over the last 3 years $8 million worth of work has been completed at 20 locations.

To date, two libraries have been “made over”, the Forest Hills and Thousand Oaks branch libraries. The appearance of these two libraries has been transformed dramatically.  Next, the Brook Hollow branch will close February 25 and will re-open March 15, and work on the Johnston branch is scheduled for April 1 to May 19.


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