Employee Survey

The City’s 2013 Employee Survey will be disseminated to all employees this April.  It is the fourth time the City will disseminate a survey to its entire workforce.  In 2007, we successfully conducted the first-ever employee survey across the organization.  As a result, the City now has six years of important employee satisfaction survey data.  The overall purpose of the employee survey is to gather input from employees in order to improve the quality of our work environment and improve communication with City employees.

An independent private firm, ETC Institute, will collect and analyze the results of the survey.  The survey will be completely anonymous for our employees and it will be available in both English and Spanish.

After each survey process is completed, every Department is required to develop Action Plans to improve Communications and Job Satisfaction, based on individual department survey results. The purpose of developing the Plans is to identify needed improvements in the area of communications practices and the department work environment. Department Directors are held accountable and are responsible for implementing the Communications/Job Satisfaction Action-Improvement Plans.

The City now has employee survey data that allows the organization to benchmark Communications/Job Satisfaction improvements and identify areas in need of improvement within departments over a six-year period of time.  The City will continue to ask for input from employees on how to improve communications methods in all departments and job satisfaction by conducting ongoing biennial employee surveys.


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