Pre K 4 SA

We’ve made tremendous progress in a very short amount of time for the Pre-K 4 SA program.  Much policy work has been done by the PreK board leadership of Elaine Mendoza and the 10 board members, half of whom are educators and the other half business leaders.  It’s a competent, experienced and early childhood passionate board of directors who are meeting more than weekly to launch the Pre-K initiative.

Staff has assembled a curriculum review committee (CRC) and a committee to develop the student enrollment process for Pre-K 4 SA.  In fact, the request for proposals for the Pre-K 4 SA curriculum are currently being solicited and we expect up to 30 research based proposals that are aligned with TEA prekindergarten guidelines.  Much thought and deliberation has gone into the curriculum process with local early childhood educators including Eleanor Elder, a retired curriculum director from a local ISD who is a consultant to our Pre-K CRC.

Additionally, seven ISDs have approved the MOU with the city including Northside ISD, North East ISD, San Antonio ISD, South San ISD, Harlandale ISD, Edgewood ISD and Southwest ISD.

The city hired Ligature Partners to assist with the recruitment of the Pre-K 4 SA CEO.  The Pre-K Personnel Committee (of the Pre-K board) is chaired by Joe Robles, CEO of USAA.  We have interviewed highly qualified candidates and the Pre-K board and I plan to hire a CEO in early March.

Soon we will begin the public information campaign for the Pre-K program and conduct the lottery for enrollment of the students in late April.  Transportation plans will be developed as well.

Finally, the first two Model Centers will open in August.  Design and construction was approved by the City Council last fall.  Both the north and south centers are under construction, are on schedule and within budget.  Their completion is expected by August 1, 2013.  Selection of the east and west centers will begin this spring with their openings in August of 2014.


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