Warrants Round-Up

San Antonio is one of more than 300 cities and law enforcement agencies participating in the 2013 Annual Great Texas Warrant Round Up.  Cities are coordinating their efforts and provided individuals with outstanding warrants a grace period, in which they can resolve their warrants.  Our Municipal Courts system coordinates this effort along with the San Antonio Police Department and community support.

The grace period which Ended on March 1, allowed individuals with outstanding class c warrants (ex. traffic, code violations) an opportunity to clear their warrants.  This warrant roundup is part of an effort the City is taking to resolve more than 250,000 outstanding warrants.  Last year municipal courts generated $2 Million in revenue from the warrant round up.

The warrant roundup enforcement is from March 2 – 8. The Municipal Court’s Marshal Unit partners with the San Antonio Police Department to execute outstanding municipal court warrants at violator’s home, office or other location where they are found.


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