Flood Clean-Up and Repair Work Schedule

A Preliminary Flood Clean-Up and Repair Work Schedule has been developed in response to the storms experienced May 25.  This initial assessment and corresponding work schedule includes work identified for street repairs and debris removal, drainage facility repairs and cleaning, repairs to alleys, and repairs to park facilities.  The Schedule will be updated daily to reflect additional identified and requested work.

The Flood Damage Assessment and Repair Schedule now is available for public access and review on the City’s website here.

This work schedule will provide residents an opportunity to see when Public Works, Solid Waste, Parks & Recreation, and other City crews will be mobilizing in affected areas to repair damages caused by the flood event.

City crews have been redirected from normal operations to focus on addressing damages caused by the flood event to ensure quick responses to all service requests.

San Antonio residents who discover new flood damage in and around their neighborhoods should continue to report the damage to the City by calling 3-1-1.

The Mayor and County Judge have signed a Disaster Declaration asking the State and Federal Government to provide the resources to repair our damaged infrastructure as well as provide assistance to those residents who experienced flood damage to their homes.  Staff is continuing to track and assemble all costs associated with our response and repair.


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