San Antonio Police Department Update

San Antonio has seen a decrease in crime throughout the city from Jan 1, 2012 to May 2 , 2013.

  • Overall, total violent crime has seen a decrease by 10.2%
  • Property Crimes have seen a decrease of 16%
  • Capital murder has decreased 59%

Pursuit Policy: The Department has recently completed a comprehensive review of their rules and procedure governing vehicle pursuits and emergency vehicle operations.  Based on feedback from SAPD personnel and an expert consultant, these regulations have been updated to reflect the latest research on best practices.

SWAT: The SAPD SWAT Team has also recently competed in the Central Texas CERT (Correctional Emergency Response Team) Challenge. The CERT Challenge is a tactical skills competition event open to all law enforcement, corrections, and military.  The SAPD team won four of five events, including an individual CERT Elite competition.


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