Animal Care Services Update

Animal Care Services staff is launching a new program that will allow employees within ACS to experience and assess the duties of a veterinary technician. The employees will work in the clinic 1 day per week as a vet tech for a 10-week period.

During this time, they will experience first-hand the job duties and responsibilities of a vet tech in a shelter clinic environment. Staff will learn to vaccinate pets, administer medications, assist in treatments, and prep for surgeries.

This is a voluntary program for those wishing to participate. ACS employees who participate will also learn how to recognize symptoms of disease or improve their existing knowledge of disease symptoms, which will aid in maintaining a healthier shelter population.

Later this month, ACS will formally open the new multi-use pet center at Brackenridge on Friday, October 25, with a press conference and open house.  These facilities will assist with the ACS strategic plan ensuing the adoption of over 3,000 additional pets and the spay and neuter of over 4,000 pets.

In an addition Petsmart Charities has awarded a grant to animal care services. The $50,000 will be used to provide additional surgeries, community outreach expenses and other services, including medical supplies and veterinary services. The grant funding will be included within the FY 2014 budget for enhanced enforcement and spay/neuter activities.

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