Public Works Update

In fiscal year 2007 the City Council approved the initial five-year rolling Infrastructure Management Program (IMP) for targeted neighborhood street, sidewalk and drainage improvements.  Our FY 2014 IMP that was recently adopted as part of the budget totals $54 million and includes over 1,160 infrastructure projects.

The Benefit of the IMP that residents have realized includes certainty in our work schedule; transparency with our public on what we are scheduled to complete over a five year period; and, coordination with other utilities in our planned infrastructure investments

The Department of Public Works is launching a new community outreach initiative this month to better educate the community on the detail of the scope of work included within the recently adopted IMP.

10 informational sessions are currently scheduled in each one of the City Council Districts with the respective Neighborhood Association Presidents and/or Board members.  After engaging with neighborhood leaders, the Public Works Department will work with the Council Districts to arrange additional opportunities for broader public participation.

The intent of the sessions is to inform the residents on the core services Public Works provides to the streets, traffic signals, sidewalks and traffic signs, drainage infrastructure, alley maintenance and other maintenance items.

In addition to the informational sessions, Public Works is also: providing new and timely program information on the department’s website and, creating signs to be posted at all IMP and the capital project sites.    The signs will include brief project and point-of-contact information to inform the public and provide them a phone number to call if they have questions or concerns.

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