Pre-K 4 SA Update

As the first Pre-K 4 SA program year comes to an end staff is preparing for the 2014-2015 school year which includes the opening of two additional centers, and increasing the total number of students served to 1,500 students.

In working with participating ISDs earlier this year, we streamlined the enrollment process for the coming school year allowing Pre-K 4 SA to control all aspects of enrollment, giving families a one-stop process to enroll in Pre-K 4 SA.

The application period began on February 24, 2014. Families have had the opportunity to complete their application online, by calling the Pre-K 4 SA Enrollment Hotline (206-PREK), or by visiting the North or South Education Center. The entire application process only takes about five minutes.

Since February 24, over 2,000 student applications for the program’s upcoming year have been submitted. Families still have time to enroll and can do so by going to or by calling 206-PREK.

On June 10, Staff will coordinate a lottery to select students to attend each of the four Education Centers. Shortly after the lottery, Pre-K 4 SA will send letters to families to notify them of the lottery results.

Staff Hiring
Pre-K 4 SA is aggressively recruiting remaining staff for the two new Education Centers and is proud to announce the appointment of two new Center Directors.

New Center Directors Christina Reck-Guerra and Janice Hammonds have assisted with hiring four assistant Directors for the East and West Education Centers, and have helped to select recommended candidates for the role of master teacher.

The Preparation for the upcoming year includes completion of construction on the East and West Education Centers as well as an expansion to the North Education Center. To date, the projects are all on schedule and under budget with projected completion dates prior to the start of school.

Kinder Prep & Upcoming Events
In addition to the hard work and time that staff has devoted to preparations for the upcoming school year, Pre-K 4 SA also is focused on preparing students for the transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten.

Both Education Centers will be hosting Kindergarten Transition Fairs during which they will provide parents with insight into providing continued education and preparation to their children over the summer months.

Pre-K 4 SA also will host the “Move Event with Pre-K 4 SA” on May 17. The event will incorporate fun, outdoor activities for families of current and future Pre-K 4 SA students. The event will feature Zumba, a fresh produce market and art activities among others.

The North and South Education Centers will conclude the school year with a celebratory Kindergarten promotion at the two Education Centers for all students.

Summer preparation also will include the Pre-K 4 SA Summer Reading Initiative during which Pre-K 4 SA will provide children with the opportunity to select, on their own, five books to read over the summer months. As an alternative to providing an assigned reading list, this discourages summer slide and encourages the whole family, siblings included, to actively read outside of school.

The Professional Development Team at Pre-K 4 SA also is preparing to host Summer Academies to provide San Antonio educators with new innovative techniques and ideas for the upcoming school year.

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