Health Update

Metro Health is one of 15 organizations throughout the country awarded a $9.4 million Healthy Start Grant.  The federal grant will span five years and will implement the Healthy Start initiative which aims to reduce disparities in infant mortality.

With this new funding, the San Antonio Healthy Start program will contribute to local, state, regional and national perinatal initiatives by:

  • Engaging three distinct high risk areas of San Antonio
  • providing case management to 1,000 participants annually (pregnant women and children) from pregnancy until the baby turns two years old
  • strengthen fatherhood engagement in pregnancy and parenting
  • partner with faith based organizations to conduct education classes
  • provide Community Health Worker training to Healthy Start participants,
  • integrate Healthy Start services with early intervention programs
  • and increase access to healthcare for families through Affordable Care Act enrollment

We look forward to the successful implementation and improving the quality of life for our residents from this grant opportunity.

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