Boarding Homes Update

The boarding home ordinance was approved by City Council on December 13, 2012, and went into effect on March 1, 2013.  The boarding homes ordinance is working as intended to ensure the safety of this vulnerable resident population

  •  2,173 properties investigated by the boarding home team since March 2013
  • 120 elderly and/or disabled residents are currently in safer living conditions due to the effectiveness of this ordinance
  • 110 Boarding homes identified – 21 still in operation, 89 have shut down
  • 16 currently in violation notice
  • 2 currently legally permitted
  • 3 more expected to complete permitting in December 2014
  • 7 emergency closures by the City due to major life safety violations
  • 4 shut down by City filing District Court Cases

The cost of installing sprinkler systems has reportedly decreased over the past year and therefore, more boarding homes are expected to soon be permitted this year.   Four properties are currently installing fire sprinkler systems with City permits.
The City will continue to enforce the ordinance through the civil and criminal court process to gain compliance or closure of each of the remaining boarding homes still operating illegally.

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