Weekly Report

Preservation Education Program
The Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) developed a 4th through 12th grade education project. The programming uses local heritage resources to help students better understand history and the importance of historic places in San Antonio. The New Frontiers Charter School (NFCS) has embraced the program and has begun to institute within their curriculum. The NFCS project will culminate in a Preservation Month in May photo exhibit celebrating places that students have selected as their personal “landmarks”. Activities like this are made possible through a grant from the Power of Preservation Foundation and the Innovation grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The project exemplifies teamwork and innovation, not only with OHP but also across the city as the program’s outreach currently includes organizations such as the National Park Service, in addition to the NFCS. The innovative program will cultivate and nurture a new generation of city stewards while also meeting the needs of students to fill core curriculum requirements.

After School Challenge Program – Proposed Legislation
Proposed Legislation HB 788 would amend regulation of child care facilities operating within the school district facilities. Recently filed language proposes to no longer exempt school districts from licensing requirements of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. School districts would be required to pay an annual license fee of $37 per child per facility to the State. Additionally, the transition of monitoring oversight of these programs from the Texas Education Agency to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services would increase regulations related to the minimum child to staff ratios, facility standards, and other requirements. If approved, the proposed legislation may have a negative impact on the After School Challenge program and create an administrative and financial burden for the school districts. The City’s Department of Human Services has provided feedback to Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) regarding HB 788 and requested input from school districts.

Texas Travel Industry Association (TTIA)
The 25th Annual TTIA Unity Dinner was held in Austin, Texas on February 24. More than 60 San Antonio tourism partners, stakeholders, and legislators attended to demonstrate and communicate the importance of the travel and tourism industry. Total attendance was at 1,000. An additional 100 San Antonio partners and stakeholders traveled to Austin the following day to join the San Antonio delegation and participate in Converge on the Capitol. The team met with State legislators to share the top priorities of the Texas travel and tourism industry during this legislative session.

HOPE Program
The Home Ownership Program for Employees (HOPE) provides City employees with a forgivable loan if they purchase a home within the Community Revitalization Action Group (CRAG) area. On March 3, the program closed on a home loan that will utilize the balance of funding for the program. With this closing, a total of 29 loans will have been made to City employees to assist home ownership within the center city. The Center City & Downtown Operations (CCDO) is working with area employers to expand the program and encourage downtown businesses to offer a similar housing incentive to their employees.

UTSA Research Collaboration Request
A proposal was submitted by Dina V. Krasikova, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Management at UTSA, to collaborate with the City of San Antonio on a study about relationships between leaders and followers. The goal of this study is to understand what supervisors and subordinates can do to build a strong, supportive, and long-lasting work relationship that will benefit both of them and their organization. The study is intended to help management researchers and practitioners better understand what can be done to improve supervisor-subordinate relationship at the early stages of its development. The city will identify 100 newly formed supervisor-subordinate pairs to participate in the study. Dr. Krasikova and a doctoral student will distribute surveys, collect responses, analyze data and provide a final report to the City of San Antonio summarizing the results of the study.

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