Street Maintenance Update

In recent months San Antonio has seen a fair amount of rain and with that rain Came an increase in potholes in the City.  Our Transportation & Capital Improvements Department will be launching this Monday to address the increase in potholes we have seen this year.

The effort will last for a 30 day period and it is anticipated that staff will more than double the number of the potholes repaired on our city streets during this time by doubling our crews. The amount of potholes to be repaired is projected to increase from the current monthly average of 1,200 to an estimated 3,000 pothole repairs over the next 30 days.

Earlier this fiscal year, TCI averaged 9 pothole maintenance crews per day throughout the five-day work week. Now, as part of this 30 day effort that includes a reassignment of TCI staff to pothole maintenance, the pothole staffing will be increased to 18 crews per day.

The 18 crews per day also will extend the traditional five-day workweek to a six-day workweek to increase production.These 18 crews will work 10 hour shifts, Monday through Saturday from 7:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. exclusively repairing potholes.

Pothole crews will be concentrated in two to three districts per week, and will eventually be routed through all of the 10 City Council Districts throughout the 30-day effort.  This effort will involve the expenditure of additional funds of approximately $100,000 for labor and materials. This effort is being funded through year-to-date savings in the Street Maintenance Program.

I would also like to use this opportunity to discuss some efforts that TCI is working on to enhance overall service delivery of our pothole maintenance program:

This morning you approved the award of the contract authorizing the purchase of new replacement equipment for the Pothole Program. The new Pothole Patch Trucks will have additional features to include GPS tracking capabilities and route optimization software. This will significantly improve crew deployment and utilization, reduce driving time and enable completion of more repairs every work day.

Staff also is working to enhance service delivery by improving the deployment of crews through the use of GIS and our pavement management system to improve how we identify and fix potholes. As part of this 30-day initiative, TCI will pilot strategies staff has developed to identify areas with higher incidence of potholes.

During the next 30-days TCI crews will be dispatched to targeted neighborhoods with high incidences of potholes. TCI also will rely upon potholes reported to 311 through phone calls as well as through the 311 mobile app and the 311 online service requests made through the city’s website. The 311 mobile app is available for download on the iTunes app store and is labeled “SA 311”. The SA 311 app allows users to report a variety of service requests from potholes to stray animals and allows one to submit a photo of the issue along with the request.

San Antonio Drivers should see a noticeable difference in the number of potholes repaired on the road over the next 30. TCI is expecting that this initiative will show strong results and will be reporting on its progress over the next four weeks.

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