Pay as you throw is one of the initiatives in the city council approved recycling plan that includes the city reaching a 60% residential recycling rate by 2025. Today our recycling rate is 31%.With pay as you throw, residents will have an opportunity to choose between three brown garbage carts, a small 48 gallon, a medium 64 gallon or a large 96 gallon container.

The monthly solid waste fee will be based solely upon the size of their brown garbage cart. Small cart customers will pay $20.43 a month, medium cart customers will pay $20.93 a month (which they currently pay) and large cart customers will pay $22.18 a month.

As part of the program, residents will be offered a green organics recycling cart at no charge. And those residents that had previously been paying a $3 subscription fee no longer pay the fee as of October 1. If a resident does not want to keep the green cart they can opt out of the program

As discussed during the budget presentation, the green cart is expected to divert over 50,000 tons of material from the landfills and will raise the residential recycling rate to approximately 40%.So with this program our residents now have more opportunities to recycle.

As the program rolls out over the next 18 months, residents will receive several forms of educational materials to help them understand the programs to include door hangers and brochures. All educational materials regarding the programs will be provided to residents in both English and Spanish.

Over the next six weeks, pay as you throw is being rolled out to 30,000 residents. last week, approximately 5,000 residents received their green carts in districts 1, 9 and 10. Those residents will be selecting their brown cart sizes this week.

An additional 5,600 residents in districts 2, 8, 9 and 10 will be receiving green carts this week. Once all 30,000 residents within the initial development phase covering all 10 council districts have received their carts, the solid waste staff will spend several months analyzing the program. The purpose of this time period is to confirm the anticipated cart distribution for pay as you throw customers. It allows us to proactively address customer service issues and ensure proper usage of the blue and green carts.

Staff will start to roll out the program to an additional 160,000 residents beginning in the spring of 2016. A total of 190,000 residents will have the program by the end of FY 16. And the program will be completely rolled out to all San Antonio residents by spring of 2017.

For questions, residents can all 207-6428 or visit

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