City Manager’s Excellence Award

In 2015, a new initiative was formed to recognize employees for alignment of CORE Values in action. The initiative has three recognition phases:

  1. Employee to employee recognition cards
  2. Department recognition in the form of department recognition core value lapel pins
  3. The culmination of all awards – an annual, City-wide City Manager’s Excellence Award.

For this first award, there were 28 total nominations representing 20 city departments. i was pleased to have read so many stories of our employees stepping forward and demonstrating our core values are indeed being embraced in day-to-day activities and opportunities.

After much discussion and consideration, four recipients were chosen as best demonstrating our core values of teamwork, integrity, innovation, and professionalism.

Our first recipient is Haley Holmes, branch manager at the Parman library. Haley is recognized for her innovative approach to engaging the library team and the community.

Haley created and implemented an annual Halloween event, the “Spooky Walk” which draws about 2,000 people from the community. The event includes a nature walk and a carnival of games. Many, including teens, get involved and support the event. This is one of many year round activities that make the Parman library the busiest branch by measure of visitors each year.

Our second recipient is Moraima “Mo” Montenegro, Public Information Officer in the Government and Public Affairs department. Mo consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Recently she demonstrated just that in helping a deaf woman and her daughter when they mistakenly arrived at the Public Affairs office looking for Human Services support. She made contact with 8 various social services resources to help the family out. She assisted that family in securing housing and food and continues her contact with them.

Our next recipient is Marvin Lee, code enforcement officer in development services. He, too, is known for thinking outside of the box when it comes to serving the community.

Recently, while driving after a storm and high winds, Marvin noticed a fallen tree at the residence of an elderly couple. In investigating, he learned the couple was having difficulty having the tree removed and it had a damper on their plans to celebrate a 54th wedding anniversary. Marvin quickly took action and called for help. Within a couple of hours, City services arrived to cut and remove the fallen tree. The happy couple celebrated their anniversary and wrote to express their gratitude to Marvin.

Our final recipient is Robert Ybarra, side-loader equipment operator in the solid waste management department.

Robert joined the city in 1994. As a side-loader equipment operator, he has been accident-free across his entire city career, due in great part to his attitude and focus on safety. Additionally, Robert is a role model for excellent customer service. He is known to assist the elderly with their carts, trains new employees, volunteers to assist his team when truck breakdowns occur, and serves on the department’s accident review board. When new trucks are to be tested, he is the go-to person. His input is always highly sought and valued.

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